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We support the Poodle Club of America and the Canine Health Foundation. 
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Dreem began as a dream for me. 
The goal was to own, show, and possibly produce
 some of the best quality miniatures and toys
in the United States. 

I rate quality on 

  • health 

  • conformation to the AKC standard as set by the Poodle Club of America

  • type

  • soundness

  • temperament no particular order.

It takes ALL of these to make a quality poodle a quality poodle

In 2007, the 13th home bred champion was finished
and the first finished champion to be from the bred-by-exhibitor class.

The decision was made to register a kennel name to use
for all future puppies.
Dream is Not a name which can be registered
(and we knew that from the beginning)
However, AKC has accepted Dreem® for publication
and we anticipate acceptance in early 2008.

The name has changed, the players haven't.
 We have the following Champions and Titleholders to present.

The Boys

The Girls


The Champions and Title Holders Puppies and Rehome Poodles Available
The Rainbow Bridge Other Loved Companions
Grandmother and the Poodles

In memory of a dear friend, "Sue" Julig

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